stars“A concrete link providing local cultural development for young people.” Fliss Buckles, Lecturer in Film & TV Production, South Thames College

“Partnering up developers and or projects within the development area of Nine Elms with young people to spread benefits and seek out opportunities. Opening young people’s eyes to their role within what these places are becoming.” David Pierce, Dallas Pierce Quintero

“A brilliant project based on creative outreach within developing city areas, creating a creative community that is accessible for everyone.” Grace Holliday, Illustrator

“Cultivate is the only project that undertook external project management. This was a unique approach. Others used money towards staffing costs. The project underwent a significant shift – a lot going on the ground, navigated with strong outcomes coming through from the programme.” Corinne Bass, A New Direction


“Developers are involved in actually making a difference to the area and I think it’s important that these are living places and Culture is such an important part of making places come alive.” Cllr Govinda, Leader, Wandsworth Council

“Makes me think that people are working really hard right now to make the world a better place.” Pupil, Brandlehow School, Year 6

“Children can create something real, changing their environment for the better. They can have authorship over the built environment.” Mark Nixon, Neon starssmall star