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Cultivate Routes

Cultivate aims to raise aspirations and broaden horizons of local children and young people, in two ways…

Through the power of culture: To enrich their formal learning with encounters with creative practitioners, the cultural heritage of their area, and through imaginative challenge-based projects. This experience may help them find their passion and talents, understand what skills they need to develop, and motivate them to succeed through enjoyable activities. We want all Cultivate projects to contribute to these outcomes.

Routes to study and work: We are piloting a defined offer for schools, aiming to help young people see themselves working in the cultural and creative industries, or in any role that helps design, construct, maintain or enrich a place. To help design this offer, we held a consultation meeting with a group of teachers in summer 2016, where the most popular idea was a hands-on workshop where creative professionals can visit schools. We then tested the pilot workshop with two schools in Autumn 2016 and evaluated this with teachers. We contacted teachers across the borough to negotiate how the workshops would suit their needs and are rolling out the workshops in Summer and Autumn 2017. 


Cultivate Routes is a series of half-day creative careers workshops for groups of up to 30 Primary or Secondary level students. Creative practitioners, freelancers or representatives of small creative businesses visit schools to deliver inspiration sessions for students, tailored to their age and interests incorporating the following principles:

  • Practitioner-led – a creative professional will be matched to the school to develop and deliver the session, providing an insight into their day-to-day working practice.
  • Local context – The session highlights the wide range of creative and place-making careers involved in the regeneration of Wandsworth and Lambeth.
  • Practical experience – students take part in a bespoke work-related challenge relevant to their skills and interests.
  • Broaden aspirations – students meet new types of practitioners and find out about alternative paths through the world of work, such as freelance and portfolio careers.

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Why are we doing this?

Teachers tell us that children and young people in the Wandsworth area could benefit by raising their aspirations and broadening their horizons about what their futures could offer. Careers provision and work experience by local employers, is highly valued by schools and young people. However, everyone we consulted has identified a gap in learning about more creative and aspirational careers such as architecture, design or environmental planning. As the Nine Elms area changes, local young people may be unaware of the range of employment and enterprise possibilities that would enable them to stay and work in this area, or to move further afield to pursue their ambitions.

What kinds of careers are we talking about?

We are focusing mostly on creative and cultural careers, but are also keen to signpost a wide range of roles involved in designing, making and maintaining a thriving place.

Here are two documents you can download. This one shows just how many possible careers are linked to places. This one helps you understand how the different Design disciplines are related to each camera

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