New resource to inspire creative projects


In summer 2016, Cultivate ran projects in three schools, under the heading of Exploring Nine Elms. This downloadable resource shares the approaches of these projects, providing inspiration for teachers, creative practitioners and cultural consultants to develop their own creative learning projects inspired by changing places.

Each project plan reflects the process of each of the three different practitioners who delivered the Exploring Nine Elms projects: Architect Wendy Smith, Designer Jasper Sutherland and Artist Anne Harild. The plans are fairly detailed but can be easily adapted to work for different age groups in different types of places, or to link to different curriculum topics. They are also designed to be open for teachers/artists or young people to apply to their own ideas, needs or curriculum subjects.

Exploring Nine Elms was one of the first Cultivate projects to test approaches for cultural learning workshops. Three creative practitioners across the fields of fine art, architecture and design led workshops with three different schools in Nine Elms (two primaries and one secondary) during June and July 2016. The elements we were piloting included:

  • testing the limits of the new Cultivate Planning Workbook, to see how it worked to help creative practitioners and educators plan and evaluate projects
  • comparing the approaches of three different types of creative practitioner, and how each could contribute to the needs of schools
  • reaching out to offer projects to schools that were interested in accessing creative learning focused on the local regeneration area
  • the participation of developers and local cultural organisations
  • exploring and sharing innovative practice in exploring places, careers, creativity, design and the built environment with schools and young people.

This resource helps fulfil this last element of our ambitions for Exploring Nine Elms.

We hope you enjoy it, and please do let us know if you find it useful.


Cultivate is delivered by Enable Leisure and Culture for Wandsworth Council and the Nine Elms Vauxhall partnership, with coordination provided by Flow Associates, culture and education specialists.

Funded by A New DirectionWandsworth Council, Lambeth Council and Nine Elms developers and is one of seven projects in A New Direction’s London Cultural Education Challenge.

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